25 June 2018

The 5 Tips That Will Help You Be Holiday Prepared

Travelling is one of the most exciting things life has to offer in my opinion. But in the midst of all that excitement, we can often leave ourselves underprepared and forgetting the important side of travelling abroad. Of course being spontaneous can be fun, but to avoid any holiday disasters occurring this summer, it is important to remember a few crucial points:

1. Organise Your Documents
First and foremost you MUST make sure you have all your relevant travel documents. Nobody wants to get all the way to the airport to find out they've forgotten their passport! These days, a lot of the process is done digitally through scanners and phone apps, however I still always carry a physical copy of boarding passes etc, just in case. I'd also recommend getting yourself a little plastic wallet to hold all the documents together, just to prevent anything getting lost or damaged.

2. Make Sure You're Insured
I think this goes without saying, but if you're travelling, get yourself covered! Travel insurance comes in handy if you become ill, your luggage gets lost/damaged, or there are problems with your flights. Insurance is actually really affordable, and is usually a one time payment, which could potentially save you from having to pay a hefty bill should something go wrong. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

3. Research & Plan Ahead
One thing I always do is research the area and make a list of things I'd like to do/visit. I'll also look into prices of thing and weather, to get an idea of how much money I need to take, and what kind of clothes and items to pack. It's always a good idea to have a rough list of things you want to do, so you can make the most of your time there. Also have a quick google of your holiday dates to see if there's any local events or other goings on, that may affect and interrupt your plans.

4. Split Your Luggage
If you're not travelling alone, it's always a good idea to think about splitting your luggage with your travel buddy. This year I learned the hard way when we flew to Portugal, both me and my boyfriend landed, but one of our cases did not. Splitting your luggage between more than one suitcase, means should this happen you will still have access to some of your clothes and items until your other case arrives.

5. Pack Your Essentials First.
And finally, make sure to pack your essentials first! If you're like me, then you probably get most excited about packing all your pretty new clothes and shoes. But try and get all the essentials in your case first such as any medication, important documents, or toiletry must haves. If you forget any essential medication, this could cause a big problem, whereas it isn't really the end of the world if you forget that pretty new red dress is it?

What are your preparation tips for going on holiday?

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