13 August 2018

The Sweet Treats I've Been Loving from Bilou

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for anything and everything sweet! Whether it be a new perfume, a candle, or the latest lipstick, I'm always drawn to the more sweet scents. Nowadays, we see lots of brands try to add these delicious scents to their products, some work and some don't. In the makeup world, we see brands such as MAC, L'Oreal and even Kylie Cosmetics bring out those iconic vanilla fragrances and desert inspired products. In terms of other products such as bodycare, we don't see those fragrances as often, and when we do, I feel like they're more muted and 'grown up' with their scents. Not often do they give me that 'Oh my god I want to eat it' feeling.

One brand that has absolutely nailed that gap in the market is Bilou. Founded in Germany, Bilou have recently made their way over to the UK instore and online in Superdrug. You'll also be happy to know that their products are 100% Vegan!

At present they stock three of their products in various fragrances. Over on their website, they do appear to stock a couple of different products including a hand cream, and also have a much larger range of fragrances, so let's cross our fingers that they'll be making their way into Superdrug stores soon! Their current ranges sold in the UK are: 'Coco Cocktail', 'Fizzy Berry', 'Cotton Candy', Pink Melon', and 'Tasty Donut'.

So, let's take a look at some of their products:

TASTY donut creamy shower foam

Normally I leave the best 'til last, but I'm starting with my favourite as I can't get over how yummy this smells! I'm a big fan of Shower Foams so was sure I was going to love this one. Shower Foams are great because they do the job of a regular Shower Gel, but are also more moisturising and soothing to the skin. This scent is definitely my favourite of the bunch. It's described as smelling like a freshly baked donut, topped with fruity strawberry icing - and it really does!

Cotton candy gentle cream foam

Next up we have their Gentle Cream Foam, which is a light and airy moisturiser than you apply when needed. It contains Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Avocado Oil to ensure your skin is left feeling hydrated and velvety smooth. Out of the three products I have, this is the weakest of the scents. It's still has a very sweet scent to it, but is more muted. Which I actually like for a moisturiser! This would be a great products for those who don't want anything too sickly, or overpowering!

Fizzy Berry 2 in 1 bodyspray

Aaaand finally, one for the fruit lovers! Seriously, you're gonna love this one! To me, this smells just like a fruity, fizzy drink like Vimto, or Cherryade! Their website states you can use this as both a perfume spray, and a deodorant. I can't say I'm too keen on the idea of using this as a deodorant, but I've definitely been using this as a body spray throughout the day. I have to say I'm really impressed with how long this fragrance lasts on your skin!

I've been absolutely loving these this summer and at only £3.99 each, they're an absolute bargain for the quality! I've never come across products with such unique fragrances that aren't underwhelming, and do actually smell exactly like what they say they do!

Have you ever tried any Bilou products? What scent would be your favourite?

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