30 August 2018

Why Comfort Is Key in My Wardrobe

Rewind 5 or so years ago and you probably would have found me in a glitzy dress, some chunky heels and blinged out in as much jewellery as possible. Nowadays, that's not so much the case. Today I'd sooner wear flats over heels, and if I'm wearing a dress it's most probably an oversized T-shirt dress that I've chucked on with some adidas trainers. As for jewellery, i much prefer the more minimal pieces and instead of stacking a gazillion bracelets together, the only thing you'll find on my wrist is a nice watch. 

At one time, I would literally make my feet bleed and ache just so I looked good in a pair of impractical shoes. And don't get me wrong, I'll still wince through the pain to wear a pair of snazzy new heels for certain events. But I've come to realise, you can still be comfy, AND look good.

I mean, look at the likes of the Kardashians for example? They all look incredible when they're all dolled up in full beat glam on the red carpet at events, but I actually prefer their more casual styles. Particularly the likes of Kim and Kylie. They can throw on a set of sweats, or loungewear and still manage to look effortlessly gorgeous! 

In an effort to wear more of what I love, I now pick out pieces that are both comfy and casual, but are still unique. I'm a firm believer in it's how you wear the clothes, not what you wear. Take this particular outfit, the basis of it is simply a jumper, jeans and sliders. Taking into consideration things like colours, textures and accessories can really zhuzh up an everyday outfit.

Cropped jumpers are probably one of my all time fave items of clothing. I just love the look of them when paired with some high waisted trousers or jeans! I really love the design of this one, especially the ripped hem and pink and red colours as it's still summer appropriate! I knew I wanted to pair this jumper with some classic blue denim, but I wanted something a little bit different. I couldn't resist picking up these light blue denim shorts! Again, I love the more distressed hem, but it was actually the length I loved the most as it's a bit more conservative and covered up than your typical short shorts.

My favourite part of any outfit is adding accessories, they can really pull a look together and tie in the pieces nicely. My Celine is probably my most used handbag so it only made sense to grab it on my way out the door. I think the fact it's Monochrome is a big plus too as it's easy to style up, and goes with pretty much every outfit.

As for shoes, I wanted something super comfy and casual, which meant only one option - sliders! (anyone else love sliders waaaay too much?) However, I also wanted my shoes to stand out, and colour match with my outfit, making these Hunter Sliders from Jake Shoes, the perfect choice! Jake Shoes stock some of your favourite brands from Dr Martens and Converse, to Ugg and Havianas, so you are truly spoilt for choice! These sliders are a great everyday choice as they're light and also adjustable, which means you can really get that perfect fit. 

How do you style up more casual outfit pieces?

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