02 June 2019

8 Things We All Loved About the 90's

Does anyone else have one moment in time where you wish you could relive? Well, for me it's definitely the 90's. As a kid of the 90's, everything about those years makes me feel VERY nostalgic, and brings back lots of happy memories. Now trends come and go, but let's face it there are sooooo many things from the 90's that we all still love just as much now, as we did back then - if not more! With the comeback of so many great artists, shows and fashion trends, it almost feels like the 90's live on!

I could honestly make this list as long as my arm, but I've narrowed it down 8 of the most iconic 90's moments that we all know and love:

1. Spice Girls

You absolutely cannot talk about the 90's without mentioning the Spice Girls. In my opinion, no one shaped 90's music and pop culture the way the Spice Girls did. They embraced their quirky personalities, and brought girl power to our lives. And here we are over a decade later, and the Spice Girls are back and better than ever! With the announcement of their 2019 European Tour, they have once again spiced up our lives. Walkers even teamed up with the Spice Girls this year to hunt for the 'Best Ever Fan' who would be lucky enough to win tickets to see them on tour, and meet the girls!

If you have't already seen the new Walkers advert featuring the Spice Girls, you can check it out on YouTube, or I've also linked it below. It's very lighthearted and funny, and shows how much as a nation we truly do love our Walkers Crisps, especially their new Best Ever Cheese & Onion flavour!

2. Beanie Babies

Oh my god, was anyone else's house completely over run with Beanie Babies? I swear we all just had boxes of them lying around in the loft, or hidden under out beds! Did we actually ever play with them, or did we just all agree to collect as many as possible for no apparent reason in the hope that one day they'd be worth a pretty penny? Who knew kids could make such wise business decisions eh?

3. Denim

Now we all remember that JT and Britney denim ensemble don't we? Seriously, every single person in the 90's was OBSESSED with denim. And no, it wasn't just jeans. Jackets, skirts, hats, bags, even boots! You name it, if it could be made out of denim, there's a high chance it would be. I'm not entirely mad at the whole denim trend to be honest. Some great things came out of it, like mom jeans and denim jackets, which we all LOVE to this day.

4. Friends

I feel like this goes without saying.. we all were absolutely obsessed with Friends, and still are to this day! In my opinion no other 90's sitcom took off the way Friends did. It had us all gripped, wondering whether Ross and Rachel would EVER end up together?! Or how gobsmacked we were at the thought of Monica and Chandler! And of course, let's not forget how heartbreaking 2004 was, when the well loved show finally came to and end. Fingers crossed we will all get that reunion we've all been so desperately hoping for! 

5. Crazy Prints

Going back to fashion trends that were a massive hit in the 90's; bold prints were absolutely every where! If you pick up a vintage 90's shirt, the chances are it's going to be bright, colourful and covered in some sort of wacky geometric print and shapes. Think Will Smith as the Fresh Prince! And if you were a girl that grew up in the 90's, you betcha you would be rocking some fierce animal print - I'm looking at you Mel B!

6. The Macarena

Let's be honest, we've all done the Macarena at one point in our lives, am I right? If you were a kid of the 90's then this was your typical birthday party anthem. You could bet every single person in the room would be on their feet to dance along to the Macarena! Whenever I hear this song it always makes me feel so nostalgic. What could be more 90's than a choreographed dance routine to a Spanish dance song?

7. Pokemon

This is again something that was insanely popular in the 90's, and is still (if not more) popular nowadays! Whether it was the TV show, the video games, or the cards, you really couldn't escape Pokemon in the 90'. Personally, I loved collecting and trading the cards as a child - I'm pretty sure they actually got banned from our school playground, yep it was that serious! With the release of Pokemon Go, Detective Pikachu, and too many video games to count, the Pokemon empire is still thriving in 2019!

8. Boy Bands

I started this list talking about the greatest girl band of all time, so it only seems fair I give credit to the boys too! Seriously though, how many boy bands were around in the 90's? From the Backstreet Boys, to NSYNC, boy bands were EVERYWHERE. Even to this day, I keep hearing about more and more that I didn't even know existed! From the coordinated outfits, to the cheesy dance moves, we were all a bit of a sucked for a good boy band ballad let's be honest.

What is your favourite memory from the 90's?

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