07 June 2019

What’s Hot And What’s Not In Jewellery This Season

When choosing Art Deco jewellery, you are choosing something that is extremely stylish, looks amazing and still remains popular a hundred years after it was first made! It's quite easy to distinguish it from other types of jewellery as it's very unique with it's many different designs and lots of colours. Art Deco jewellery still remains as popular now as it did back then. So if you buy some, it will definitely stand the test of time and still be popular 50 years from now - it is definitely a wise investment!

There are a number of Art Deco styles when it comes to jewellery and there are a number of popular elements in it as well. Let's take a look at a few of them:

1. Geometric Design

The geometric shapes are what you will find in all types of Art Deco jewellery and you will find that the designs are symmetrical and are all in the right proportion in relation to the geometric elements. This is how you can clearly distinguish it from jewellery from other previous eras. Triangles, squares, hexagons and diamonds were very popular shapes and if you are searching for these elements, then Kalmar Antiques brings you Art Deco diamond rings in all shapes and sizes!

Image Source: Commons Wikimedia

2. Filigree

This is a reference to the intrinsic metal work that you will find on older, vintage designs and while this type of work has been popular, Art Deco helped to bring it to a new level of quality! Die-cast machines which were seen as modern technology (at that time) made this possible. Milgrain was another popular change for jewellery at that time and you will recognise it by the tiny beads of metal you find acting as a border on the jewellery.

3. Calibre Cut Gemstones

These are stones that were cut to suit a particular jewellery design and they were generally placed close together. Popular choices of gemstones included diamonds, ruby and sapphires, but semi-precious gemstones were also a popular choice as well.

Image Source: Pixabay

4. White Metals

Gold had always been popular, but in the Art Deco period, people moved away from it and there was quite a shift to silver coloured metals like platinum and white gold. You will always see these metals featured in a lot of Art Deco jewellery and today, these metals are seen as modern, sleek and contrast so well with the gemstones that were then placed in them.

5. Antique Cut Diamonds

The majority of Art Deco jewellery all featured cut diamonds such as the old European or Old Mine cut and the Modern cuts that you see predominantly in jewellery now, was not really used at that time. They were cut back then, so that they would sparkle under candlelight with the emphasis not on how it reflected the light like current diamonds, but on the sheer beauty of the stone itself!

Image Source: Unsplash
If wearing Art Deco jewellery, it's important that you try to tone down the brightness and excessiveness of it all by trying to make it work with your current modern jewellery choices. Maybe just pick one item of Art Deco, and let that be your focus rather than wearing many pieces!

What's you favourite style of jewellery? 

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