06 July 2019

Easy Ways To Keep Bangles On Small Wrists

How often have you been disappointed because a pretty set of bangles just couldn’t fit over your hand? Well for me this is a daily occurrence as I have been cursed with tiny wrists, meaning I have lots of trouble finding bracelets that actually fit me. Fortunately, there are easy ways to get even the smallest of bangles onto your wrists without the need for any sort of greasy margarine or messy soap!

Tips for Fitting Smaller Bangles

Step 1: Grab a Plastic Bag
Find a thin, small plastic bag. Not the kind with a zipper or one that seals, just a soft, pliable plastic packet.

Step 2: Place Your Hand In the Bag
Slide your hand into the plastic bag, all the way up to your wrist.

Step 3: Smooth It Out
Next, make the packet as flat as you can around your hand.

Image Source: Overstock
Step 4: Slide the Bangle On
Push the bangle over your hand and onto your wrist.

Step 5: Fold Your Thumb Under
As the bangle fits onto the widest part of your hand, fold your thumb in to touch your pinkie finger.

Step 6: Keep Pushing
Gently push the bangle over your hand. You can gently twist it as you do so, but never force the bangle on.

That’s it! Once the bangle gets over the widest part of your hand, you can slide it onto your wrist and take the packet off.

Image Source: Pexels
The jingle jangle of bangles going up and down your wrists is part of the fun of wearing them. As you go about your day, the bangles effortlessly glide up and down your wrist. But if you have small wrists, there’s the risk of the bangles completely sliding off. That shouldn’t put you off wearing pretty bangles, though.

If you do have small wrists, there are a few ways you can sport stylish bangles without worrying about losing them.

Options Better Suited to Smaller Wrists

1. Try a Mixture Of Sizes
The first bit of advice we can give you is to get one small bangle and put it last after the larger bangles. The smaller bangle will sit closer to your wrist and stop the other bangles from sliding off, but it can still jingle jangle just like the other bangles. In case you’re looking for more bangles, you’ll find a beautiful selection of solid silver bangles design on various jewellers online.

2. Try Adjustable Bangles
There are bangles out there that can be adjusted. These bangles are usually made with wire so you can squeeze them to fit tighter around your smaller wrists. As you squeeze these kinds of bangles, they overlap themselves, but don’t worry, it’s not noticeable. These bangles give you some flexibility, too. For instance, you could get a stack of bangles and squeeze just one to stop the others from falling off your wrist.

3. Consider A Fashionable Cuff
Pair a fashionable cuff bracelet with your other bangles. First, put your bangles on your arm and then add the cuff bracelet. You can squeeze so that it’s tight enough to stay in place and keep your stack of bangles from sliding down your wrist and over your hand.

Image Source: Pexels
Having dainty wrists shouldn’t deter you from wearing bangles. I hope these tips encourage you to start stacking! Personally, I love the feeling of having a few different sizes, shapes and designs on my wrist. Mixing metals, patterns and textures can look very modern and trendy!

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