15 August 2019

What I've Been Loving Throughout July

Something I've decided I wanted to do more of on my blog is share my monthly favourites. I think sometimes in the blogging world there can be a lot of pressure to create very in high quality content and in depth reviews. When in fact some of my favourite content is short, snappy and to the point. Take IG stories for example, it's easy to digest and grabs your attention! Hence, why I've decided to create monthly favourite posts, so I can share products that I'm loving in a much quicker, and easier format.

Skinny Tan Wonder Serum

 I think we all know how much I love Skinny Tan by now right? I seriously think I've recommended their tanning mitt to pretty much every person I know.. One of their latest products that I've been testing out has been their Wonder Serum. Their Wonder Serum is actually one of their best sellers, and has fantastic reviews online! It couldn't be easier to use either, simply apply to clean, moisturised skin and leave to develop for 6-8 hours and you'll have a gorgeous tan! This silky serum applies so smoothly and evenly, it's great for tanning beginners who are worried about their tan looking patchy and uneven. It also has very little scent which I totally love as a LOT of tans have unpleasant scents. Skinny Tan products are always great for giving you a more natural looking tan, that isn't orange in colour, and is deep and golden!

Noughty Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray

I've spoke about how much I've loved Noughty haircare products in the past, especially their To The Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner. My latest Noughty love, has been their Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray. As someone with very, very thick curly hair, my hair can be a nightmare when it comes to brushing through it ready for styling. I can't tell you how much of a life saver this detangling spray has been! It couldn't be easier to use too - just spritz onto damp hair and comb trough, and dry as usual! The formula is very lightweight too so need to worry about it weighing down your hair or creating product build up. Since I started using this, my hair has become so much more manageable and easier to brush through with a lot less tangles!

MOR Bohemienne Hand & Body Wash

Moving onto some bodycare products, something I've been getting a lot of use out of is the MOR Bohemienne Hand & Wash. Yep this can be used in the shower, or doubled up as a hand wash! At first I was using this as a body wash, but have since placed in the bathroom to be used as a hand soap. With extracts of Strawberry, Chamomile, and Jasmine, this is such a dreamy scent that I hand to share it with everyone! It's not overpowering, or too sweet which is great for a hand wash. The very generous product size means this will last you quite a while before having to repurchase!

Seksy Embrace Eau De Parfum

A new find for me in June has been the Embrace Eau De Parfum from Seksy. This fragrance is described as an 'oriental scent' as it combines fruity and floral notes. With notes of Orange Blossom, Pear, Jasmine and Patchouli it is an absolutely gorgeous scent that is feminine, glamorous and seductive, with the packaging to match! What's even better is that price tag isn't going to break the bank as you can grab this lovely fragrance at under £20 for 30ml!

Too Faced Love Flush 16-Hour Blush

Moving onto some makeup bits now, we have an oldie but definitley a goodie! Since we're now in summer I've been switching up my products and being a bit braver with my colour choices by opting for more vibrant and bold shades. One product I've reached for a lot this month, is the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in the shade Love Hangover which is a gorgeous dark peachy pink colour. The Too Faced blushes are always a good choice as they're super pigmented and long lasting. And not to mention how bloody cute the packaging and design is!

Kure Bazaar Summer Collection Polishes

And finally, some nail polish shades that have been my absolute fave throughout June have been from the new Kure Bazaar Summer Collection. The first shade being Rose Milk which is said to be one of Meghan Markle! It is a very pretty sheer baby pink shade that gives an ultra glossy finish! This is a perfect 'everyday' shade that is soft, pretty and goes with any outfit, for any occasion. The second shade, which is probably my favourite is Sereno which is a vibrant, yet soft cornflour blue shade. I absolutely adore these kind of shades, they're right up my street! This is a perfect summery shade, that looks gorgeous with a sun tan!

What products have you been loving throughout July?

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