09 September 2019

Why It's Important to Choose the Right Food for Your Pup

No matter what breed of dog (or cat) you own, it's always a good idea to do your research in regards to what type of food is best for your pet. Owning a Border Collie, means this can sometimes be easier said than done for various reasons. The first being Border Collie's are a very active, high energy dog which means their food has to provide them with the right amount of calories, and protein to sustain this. 

Another big issue with Border Collie's, is they're very prone to skin/coat problems. And it seems Heidi is definitley going through this at the moment! If you didn't already know, Collie's are double coated, which unfortunately means a lot of shedding, dry skin, and itching during the summer month's especially! 

Thankfully, we've recently switched Heidi over to Hill's Science Plan Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Food which has made a massive difference! Now Heidi doesn't necessarily have a sensitive stomach, but she is extremely fussy and is NOT a food orientated dog at all as with most collies - she much prefers to get toys as a reward! So I was pretty skeptical as to whether she would even make the switch! However, as this particular food is designed for pups with sensitive stomach issues, this actually worked in our favours as the ingredients are stilly yummy, but a lot easier on the stomach with Chicken as the flavouring, meaning she took to it with no issues.

As for her skin and coat, we're already seeing a major improvement with her! This food contains enhanced levels of Omega-3 and 6, which are fatty acids that maintain and improve the health of the skin and coat. This has replenished some of the natural oils that she had lost in her coat, which means her coat is left more soft and smooth, with a lot less dryness and thankfully less itching and flaky skin!

Another great thing about the Hills Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Food is that the ingredients are of high quality, and high protein which is ideal for our breed of dog! As I mentioned before, Collie's are a very high energy breed so need good sources of protein. Overall I'm so glad we switched her over to Hill's food as no matter what breed you have, or dietary requirements they have, you can find a food that is best suited and tailored to your pet! 

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