06 January 2020

My Top January Sale Picks

It seems like only two minutes ago we were all preparing for Christmas, and now here we are talking about the January sales. I feel like I should start this blog post off by saying that we can often feel a bit bombarded this time of year with countless emails and adverts. It's important to remember when it comes to sales, please do not feel any kind of pressure to buy anything. I was definitley someone who used to buy things in the sales just because they were cheap, and not because I really wanted nor needed it. Of course if you want to treat yourself then you go gal, you do you. But as I've gotten older I've definitley found it easier to resist the sale tactics and only purchase items I need or have had my eye on for a while.

So, with that being said I thought I'd share with you some items I've had in my ASOS wishlist for a while that have now been discounted and in the sale. Obviously I haven't gone ahead and purchased everything, but definitley picked out a few select items that I really reaaaally wanted.

Here are my top January sale picks:


Kicking things off with some tops. Mesh and chiffon blouses are all the rage right now so of course I had my eye on this gorgeous peachy pink one! I'm actually really getting into shirts, blouses, and just generally covering up a little bit more lately. It could just be the colder weather, but I've found a longer sleeve can be super flattering and elegant. Of course I had to include one cute little cami though. It's still quite minimalistic and simple which I love - perfect for dressing up with trousers and heels for date night!


Prints, prints, prints, give me all the prints! Dresses are something which can be great all year round as they come in so many different styles and fabrics. Prints are a fantastic way to transition pieces and play around with colours and tones. It's almost like the dress does the job of matching for you? Something I've been obsessed with throughout the winter months is midi dresses. Paired with some ankle boots, they are perfect for events and dinners!


Now if you know me, you know I love a good cosy knit + skirt combo. I'm always on the lookout for new styles, prints and colours to go alongside my existing wardrobe staples. Recently I've been trying to get into more longer lengths of skirts such as the classic satin midi which we all looooove. Just like dresses, skirts are great all year round and if you buy more classic, simple styles they'll carry you right through to Spring/Summer.

Coats & Jackets

I'm going to be honest here, coats and jackets are my absolute weakness. I've really had to restrain myself this month from buying every gorgeous coat I see. During the winter most of our outfits get covered up under all the layers, so picking an amazing statement coat or jacket pretty much becomes the talking point of your outfit, which is why I think I love them so much! 

Shoes & Boots

And finally we have the shoes and boots! Boots are an absolute wardrobe must right now so I've been venturing into new styles and colours. Throughout the end of 2019 I think brands really nailed their boot selection as we saw these iconic red boots in River Island. I don't ever remember there being so many different styles and colours of boots. We really were spoilt for choice!

What are your top sale picks this January?

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