03 January 2020

What You Can Expect to See from Me in 2020

I can't quite believe is actually 2020 (that's definitley going to take some getting used to). I always create this kind of post every year, and have loved seeing everyone else's! It's so nice to look back and reflect on the year and what you have achieved. I know the new year comes with this weird pressure to make changes and goals, and sometimes that can be a lot. Which is why I don't like to write out a big list of goals to tick off, because ultimately come December if I haven't achieved them, I'm going to beat myself up about it. 

Instead I just like to put out into the universe three things I hope to achieve this year - whether they're personal or more business focused. This way I don't feel any form of intense pressure to get through a list. I do however feel the most motivated and focused in January. It sort of feels like you get a second chance? So just jotting down a few things really helps me put the wheels into motion. 

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So, what can you expect to see from me this year?

Engage more
This is the one goal from last year that I still don't feel like I've full cracked. In terms of engaging, I actually thing I'm pretty good at that. Wether it's on Instagram or Twitter, I'm always replying to peoples posts and stories. However, I'm not so good at starting the conversation. I'm quite an introverted person, so opening up and sharing my day to day life on socials is something that really doesn't come naturally to me. But this year I really want that to change. I want to share the more 'everyday' moments with you, to start deep conversations, open up more and just generally have a bit more of a natter with everyone who supports my content.

Expand my business & start a new project
Another thing I want to crack on with this year is expanding my business. I'm so grateful for all the opportunities this blog has given me, but I feel like I could be doing more. So it's time to screw my business head on and explore new avenues of blogging and business. Thankfully blogging has so many different forms of income, so I'd really like to throw myself into some more of these and see how they play out. Which leads me onto starting a new project - I actually don't have a set in stone plan for this, I just know I want to try something new in 2020. Wether that be writing a book, a new side blog/IG or creating an online course - who knows!

Stepping out of my comfort zone
And finally, in 2020 I want to step out my comfort zone even more so than I did in 2019. Last year was a turning point for me. I stepped out of my comfort zone and finally got the confidence to accept big opportunities, attend some incredible events, and ultimately just say yes more. And as a result, I met some amazing people who have become some of my best friends, achieved so many career goals, and finally felt like I had a place in the blogging world. And I don't want this to stop anytime soon! I'm going to keep pushing myself, and ultimately this will actually help me achieve the goals I just mentioned in this post!

What are your goals for 2020?

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