27 January 2020

The Top Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are expected to be of the highest calibre, as they are believed to convey the depth of a man or woman's love. As the most ostentatious declaration of love, belongingness, promise and romance, engagement rings that stand out are often showed off on social media posts, making those in love often go over the top to woo their partner.

Albeit a high price tag doesn’t always mean the best choice! Here are some of the most costly engagement rings ever given:

Image Source: Pexels

1. Mariah Carey – Not only does she top the singles chart, but also this list when Australian businessman James Packer placed a 10 million dollar engagement ring on her fingers! The piece has an emerald cut diamond that weighs in at 35 carats set into solid platinum.

2. Blue Diamond by Bvlgari – This superbly created ring includes a massive 5.4 carat blue diamond in a solid platinum setting, and as far as we know, the ring is sitting in Graff Diamonds and is likely to be at a premier jewellers, waiting for someone to make a purchase. The price tag of only 9.5 million dollars might put some people off, and with equally stunning diamond engagement rings at Mayfair jewellers like Hirsh London, you can find amazing diamond engagement rings at more affordable prices.

3. Elizabeth Taylor – This glamorous actress held the record for a few decades, with a diamond ring of 33 carats cut in the Asscher style and set in solid platinum that was given to her by Richard Burton as a symbol of their undying love. The price tag? A cool 8.8 million dollars!

4. Kim Kardashian – This fashion princess really does know how to dress, and when Kayne West proposed on one knee, he presented her with a gorgeous 15 carat flawless cushion cut diamond that really does sparkle. Set in a thin solid platinum band, the ring has micropavé diamonds. This ring is probably the most talked out jewellery item ever, as her millions of followers admire this amazing creation that cost a mere 8 million dollars.

Image Source: Flickr

5. Anna Kournikova – This former tennis champion was wooed by none other than Enrique Iglesias, to whom she is still happily married. The champagne and cognac pear-shaped diamond weighs in at 11 carats. She must have felt like she won the coveted Wimbledon title when she received such a ring!

6. Beyoncé – This superstar received a stunning 18 carat emerald cut flawless central diamond set in a split shaft and with micropavé diamonds surrounding the main stone. Jay Z sure did show her how much he loved her to give such a ring.

7. Paris Hilton – The hotelier’s daughter, Paris Hilton simply had to be in this list, and the 24 carat canary diamond ring was given to her by her then fiancée Paris Latsis. After they separated, the ring was auctioned off to raise money for the Hurricane Katrina victims, which was a very noble thing to do. The ring was valued at 4.7 million dollars and that money was used to help people in need.

The above rings will go down in history, and if you are thinking about popping the question to your significant other, there are reputable high-end jewellers that have diamond engagement rings at a fraction of the above prices! And believe me, they'll be just as happy!

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