27 February 2020

10 Ways to Enjoy a Relaxing Weekend

Do you ever have such a busy week at work that you really just want to chill out at the weekend? More often than not lately my weeks have been very stressful and can often have a negative impact on my mental and physical health. When I do have these kinda weeks, I will use the weekend as a recharge. I spend my time doing things that I know will relax, destress and calm me down - whilst of course still having fun. Here are 10 ways I like to enjoy a relaxing weekend:

1. Go to the Spa
Arguably the best way to relax at the weekend has to be booking yourself in for a little spa break. This past year I've enjoyed various Spa trips around the North-East, but I plan on visiting some other top rated spas around the UK. Somewhere I've always wanted to visit has been Suffolk, in particular a luxury newmarket spa named the Bedford Lodge Spa, which features it's own hydrotherapy pool, steamroom and rooftop hot tub for the perfect countryside retreat! And if you are thinking about spending a full weekend, you can stay overnight in the Bedford Lodge hotel which is a a luxury boutique newmarket hotel. Here you can enjoy a tasty meal at the award winning Squires Restaurant too. 

2. Do Yoga
Without a doubt, one of the most recommended activities for relaxing is Yoga. Now I've only actually done Yoga once but I know a lot of people swear by it. Yoga has been proven to reduce stress, lower your blood pressure and heart rate. After a particularly hectic and stressful week at work, Yoga is a fantastic way to heal your mind and body.

3. Start a New TV Show
If you don't feel like going out, you can still have a super relaxing and chilled night in. How about browsing through Netflix and starting that TV show you've always wanted to watch? Order in some yummy food, get snuggled under a blanket and have a good old binge watch! This is definitley one of my favourite things to do, especially on a rainy day!

4. Go on a Walk
Something I love to do when the weather is nice is go on a nice long walk. Usually we bring our dog along, jump in the car and drive an hour or so into the countryside and head out for the day. With so many walking routes available you're spoilt for choice. Another big bonus is that all the walking will tire you out, meaning when you do get home you'll be very relaxed and hopefully have the best sleep of your life!

5. Games Night
I am such a sucker for a good games night. Whether that be going to the pub for quiz night, or having your friends around and digging all your board games out of the loft! With good company and a few drinks on the go, games night is definitley one of the most fun ways to chill out - unless of course you are mega competitive haha!

6. Go to the Beach
This one is pretty weather dependant, but if the sun is shining why not head to the beach for the day? Of course, we live in the UK and we don't really get sunbathing kinda weather. Buuuut that isn't to say you can't have a lovely relaxing day. We often go to the beach just to have a leisurely stroll down the pier, pop into the arcades, and enjoy some fish and chips by the seafront. 

7. Visit Family
If you have family members that may live a bit further away than you, you could always travel to theirs and spend the weekend visiting them. Family time is always relaxing for us. There's nothing better on a Sunday afternoon that watching some movies and tucking to a roast dinner.

8. Have a Picnic
Another thing that is somewhat weather dependent is making a picnic. There's just something really fun about making a little packed lunch, driving out somewhere nice and enjoying the day. There's so many great places to enjoy a picnic too! Good company, and some yummy sandwiches sounds like an ideal weekend to me. 

9. Cook your Favourite Meal
If you're not really a picnic kinda person, that doesn't mean you've got to miss out on some yummy food. Why not treat yourself to your all time favourite dish? Cooking can be very relaxing and therapeutic. Plus, the feeling of sitting down with a nice glass of wine and your meal once you're finished is amazing. And afterwards you could always read a nice book, run yourself a bubble bath and enjoy some you time.

10. Go to the Cinema
Something I always like to do when I want to go out but cant really be bothered with a jam packed weekend, is go to the cinema. It still gets you out of the house, but doesn't require much planning or effort and is a great way to unwind with a good (or bad) movie. Plus, it gives you an excuse to munch all the popcorn and sweets your heart desires!

What's your favourite way to relax at the weekend?

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