25 February 2020

Quick and Easy Recipes for Taco Tuesday

During the week when my days our most hectic, I normally opt for the meals that are going to be the quickest to make. After a long hard day at work I don't want to in the kitchen for hours prepping and cooking some gourmet meal. Which is why I love Taco Tuesday! Not only are they super quick to make, but most importantly it's good, tasty food. They're a great option if you have a big household as it's easy to bulk make. Here's my quick and easy Taco Tuesday recipe:

How to:

Prep your vegetables
The great thing about Tacos is they're full customisable - add as many, or as little vegetables as you like! I normally just use what I have lying around the house, which in the case would be peppers. I finely dice them up and portion them out as I like to save some for salsa making as well as mixing in with my mince!

Choose your meat and season
Again, Tacos give you the ability to pick whatever you like. Our portions fed a family of four - one of which is vegetarian so we used beef and Quorn mince. Now we all like a bit of a kick to our food so I add the Schwartz Crushed Chilli Flakes to our meat and vegetables to spice things up a bit! You can actually find a large range of Schwartz spices in Tesco, including the Crushed Chilli Flakes. So you can add whatever flavour you like to your Taco mix!

Time to plate up
Once your meat and vegetables are fully cooked it's time to fill those Taco shells and add any extras you might fancy. We usually go for a sprinkle of cheese, salsa and some sour cream added to the top of our Tacos - don't be afraid to get messy! 

I personally love making Tacos, not only are they quick and easy but I think there's something so fun about making them and just getting messy! Making them for the whole family to is such a great way to enjoy Taco Tuesday. Pick a good movie, unwind after a hard day at work, and tuck into those tasty Tacos!

What is your favourite Taco stuffing?

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