03 August 2020

How to Shoot the Best Content at Home

I feel like I need to preface this post by saying this is mainly going to be aimed at those of us who cover Fashion and shoot the majority of our content outdoors. As someone who falls into this category and shoots 99% of my content in the streets of London, it's safe to say I've found Lockdown challenging when it comes to my job. The idea of having to create all my content from indoors for the foreseeable future was a nightmare to me. But, after months of having to adjust and reflecting back, I actually really enjoyed it. Not only did it push me to be more creative with my shots, but I also really enjoyed seeing other bloggers' indoor shots.  It almost took the pressure off a bit, because we all know how much of a struggle it can be at times to get that perfect street style shot! 

With lockdown measures easing, it now means I can go out and shoot content in certain areas that I can be socially distant from others. But that's still not going to stop me creating content at home too. I've realised I quite like the balance of both on my Instagram feed. So, here are my tips for shooting content at home:

Utilise All Spaces
Some of us aren't blessed with big gorgeous homes, and some of us still live at home with our parents. Which means space can be limited. But don't let that stop you! Try and utilise anywhere and everywhere you have access to. If you put your mind to it, you can make anywhere look 'Instagramabble'. A great example of this is that 'Clothes Line' shot you've probably seen a lot of bloggers doing. And all that involves is a garden, a washing line and a white sheet. And yet it looks so editorial! 

Change Up The Composition 
Personally I think changing the composition of your shot is the most important aspect and will take your photos from looking 'ordinary' to fashion forward instantly! A good example of this is mirror shots. So let's say you have a new top you want to show. Instead of shooting against a wall or plain background, try self shooting in a mirror. But you can take it even further than that. Why not take a close up shot instead in a smaller mirror? By doing so you still get the jist of your outfit and how you've styled the item, but you can now see more details and accessories, and it allows you to play around with your poses and how you've styled the background too.

It's All About The Equipment
I still very much stand by my statement of you don't need expensive fancy cameras to create good content. However there are some other bits and pieces that could help you up your content game. The biggest life saver for me through lockdown has ben my tripod and bluetooth remote. Obviously if you can't get someone to take your photos for you, you'll have to do it yourself. A bluetooth remote allows you to click your camera button without actually being behind the camera, and a tripod gives you the freedom to move around without losing your whole angle. 

Be Confident and Playful
And finally you need to have fun with it. Yes for a lot of us it is our jobs, but if you aren't enjoying creating the content then it's probably going to show on your face. Remember you're in the comfort of your own home, so experiment! No one else can see you, so step outside your comfort zone and be creative. Try posing and creating shots you wouldn't normally do. The amount of times I've shot an image thinking 'this looks terrible' and then edited it and thought 'actually this looks great' is a looooot.

What is your best tip for shooting content at home?

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