19 August 2020

The Everyday Jewellery Pieces I've Been Loving

Over the years my taste in jewellery has definitley change a lot. 18 year old Terri would have been all about those chunky chains, obnoxious earrings and novelty rings. Now however, I'd like to think I've got more of a refined jewellery taste. I'm not someone who switches up my pieces every day, so I like to have a few solid staple pieces in my collection that I'll wear day in day out. And as for the pieces themselves, I love more minimalistic, dainty looking jewellery. Don't get me wrong, you might still catch me busting out the chunky chains for a night out, but not for everyday wear.

One thing that hasn't changed too much is my taste in earrings. I was never into novelty earrings, and always opted for a hoop over a stud - which is something I still stand by. However back in the day it was all about wearing the biggest, thickest hoops possible. I'm not gonna lie, I still do love some in your face hoops, but on the daily I opt for a more simplistic looking pair. My go to pair lately have been this stunning silver twisted hoops from John Greed. I really recommend looking on the John Greed as they have some amazing earrings that won't break the bank!

A couple of other pieces I picked up from John Greed are these two rings. If there's one piece of jewellery I've always been obsessed with, it's rings! At the time I didn't have a lot of silver pieces in my collection, and the ones I did were more on the statement side, so I wanted some more dainty looking rings to add to my collection. As soon as saw this snake ring I knew I had to have it! I had a similar ring throughout my teenage years that I ended up loosing so was over the moon about this! The second ring I chose was this gorgeous silver topaz twisted ring. The baby blue colour is just stunning, and this ring makes a great little stacker ring if you're into that.

A brand that I've always wanted to own a piece from is Daisy Jewellery. I always see all my blogger friends wearing their pieces and every single one is always gorgeous! If you didn't already know, Daisy Jewellery actually have a line in collaboration with Estée Lalonde, which this cute little ring is part of! I absolutely adore everything about this ring, the Rising Sun design is right up my street and I think adds a cool boho feel to the piece. I actually really like the shape of this ring too as I think it's pretty uncommon to come across. Priced at £49 (which I think is incredible for an 18ct gold plated ring), it's a really cute and unique piece to add to your collection!

Moving onto necklaces now, and I'm going to be honest I'm not the biggest lover of necklaces. For some reason necklaces are always the jewellery item I end up breaking or losing, so I don't tend to opt for anything too expensive or fancy. I do however like the look of more dainty necklaces stacked together. The latest addition to my collection is this rose gold flower necklace from Ted Baker. I actually own a lot of Ted Baker pieces, and just like the rest this one is holding up well!

Finally we have a couple of bracelets. If you know me at all, then you've probably never seen me wear a bracelet, like ever. Well there's a reason for that - I have child sized wrists. (Seriously, I had to get 6 links taken out of my watch). And unfortunately 99% of the time I can't find bracelets that fit me without completely falling off. I even struggle with a lot of adjustable ones as even then, they're still not small enough. Thankfully I now have two gorgeous bracelets from ADORE that fit me perfectly. They do look a little big, but by no means are they falling off. The first is a gorgeous rose gold bar bracelet which goes with absolutely everything and just adds a little sparkle to an outfit. The second is this infinity style bracelet - I really love the use of mixed metals in this one!

Which of the above pieces is your favourite?

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  This post contains gifted items. All words and opinions are my own.

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