29 September 2020

How to Give Your Home the Perfect Autumn Makeover

Autumn has certainly made its appearance hasn't it? I feel like within the past week it has just gotten absolutely freezing all of a sudden! Before you know it, we'll be putting up the Christmas decorations. But before that, you might want to decorate your home for Autumn. I'm sure you've already saw lots of gorgeous instagramable home decor accounts sharing their fall interiors and thought 'my home is never going to look like that'. Don't worry, no matter what your budget, there are a lot of tips and DIY tricks to perfecting that autumnal home makeover!

Channel the Autumn Colours
The easiest way by far to capture the essence of Autumn is to utilise the colours and tones associated with the season. Think yellow and golds, burnt orange and rusty red! These tones should be the basis of all your decor pieces. That's not to say you can't pick other colours, but use these sparingly. Where possible opt for dark wood pieces instead of light. If you already have dark wood furniture and wooden flooring then that's another bonus as you can experiment more with 'non traditional' colours. Of course you don't have to change up all your furniture and can just switch up your decor pieces if you want. Do as much, or as little as you wish.

With this season comes the drop in temperature with a chill in the air. So when we think of Autumn we tend to think of chunky knits, slippers, hats, cosy socks etc. So it's important to capture that in your home decor if you want that Autumnal vibe. Experiment with textures across your soft furnishings. Throw a cable knit blanket on the bed, or a fleece lined cushion. Maybe you can change up that rug in the living room? Whatever you choose to do, playing around different texture will make any area feel warmer and cosier immediately. 

This sort of follows on from the previous point. You want your home to feel as cosy as possible. Sadly we aren't all blessed with that idealistic log fire to light up the room. So try and replicate this feeling with candles. In my opinion you can't have too many candles. Seriously, put them anywhere and everywhere. Not only will the orange flames make you feel super cosy, but picking out candles with autumnal scents will make your home smell incredible.

Embrace Nature
My final tip is to embrace nature. Autumn is the season where you want to capture the outdoors, indoors. Go out and treat yourself to a bunch of flowers, or go and find some amazing coloured leaves and make a garland for your fireplace. There's so many fantastic creative ideas on Pinterest that you can DIY and make some autumn decor pieces using what you can find in nature - and for the most part they're super easy! If you have children too, this can be a really fun way of getting them involved. 

Will you be giving your home an autumnal makeover?

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  1. I love the Autumn season, I'm all for blankets and candles and just cosying up in front of the TV! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Ah I love Autumn so much! I tend to just add candles as an Autumn makeover but when I get my own house I'll definitely do more! x

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