25 September 2020

5 Things That Were the Highlight of My Summer

I'm not alone here when I say our summers were not what we all expected. If you know me, then you'll know summer is where I thrive. I'm the happiest and the most content in life during the warmer months. So as you can guess I've struggled a lot this year. With that being said, I'm trying to appreciate the smaller things in life. I saw a lovely post over on Lily's blog talking about her favourite summer moments and adored it! Practising gratitude is a great way to have a more positive mindset. So that is where the inspiration for this post came from. Here are five of my summer highlights:

Picnic Dates
I'm not going to lie, up until this Summer I don't think I've actually ever been on a proper picnic! Seeing everyone on Instagram going on these cute Picnics made me want to go on one so badly - so that's exactly what we did. I'm also super grateful to live in the North East because we were truly spoilt for locations. We headed into both the countryside and the coastlines to enjoy picnics and had so much fun!

Being More Creative With My Content
This doesn't strictly apply to the Summer, but more so the whole of Lockdown. For us freelancers, this year has almost forced us to think outside the box when it comes to our content. I started this year of with quite a strict approach to my content. I knew exactly what I wanted, exactly what location to shoot at, and exactly what I wanted the outcome to be. Now I've eased up a bit. I still plan a lot of my content, but I'm not opposed to posting an 'in the moment' snap by the beach, or a 'at home' styled shot. PS I actually wrote a post on 'How to Shoot the Best Content at Home' if you want to check it out!

Long Dog Walks
As I previously mentioned, I spent a lot of my Summer exploring the countryside in places such as Northumberland. And having a Border Collie means we sometimes ended up on the longest dog walks everrrrrr. One place I absolutely loved and can't believe I haven't been before is Druridge Bay. We spent hours relaxing on the sandy beach, and then taking our dog for a long walk around the lake - we even spotted some highland cows!

Embracing my Natural Skin
Obviously we've been very limited to where we've been able to spend our Summer which means I've been spending most of my time outdoors. With no special occasions, parties or nights out to go to I haven't felt less inclined to wear makeup. It's almost like there hasn't been this pressure to 'look perfect' which I've loved. Which means for the most part I've been rocking a bare faced, more natural look! 

Garden BBQ's
The final thing I've loved doing all Summer is having family BBQ's. Since the weather was so kind to us at the beginning of Lockdown, we've actually been making the effort to have one most weeks! There's just something about sitting in your garden, enjoying some home cooked food with a few drinks, good music and the sun beating down on you that puts me in the best mood! I'm so grateful to have an outdoor space to do these kinds of things in.

What are your summer highlights?

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