03 September 2020

Four Easy Ways to Open up Small Home Spaces

Most of us have that one room in our homes that we wish was just a little bit bigger. Whether it's your office or bedroom, it can often be left looking cramped and cluttered. Don't worry though, there are a few decorating tips that will help give the illusion of a bigger room. And hopefully, you are left with a more spacious and airy looking space! Here are four easy ways to open up small home spaces:

Laminate Flooring
Believe it or not, flooring can have a big impact on how the size of the room looks. My advice would be to avoid carpets and opt for some laminate or engineered wood flooring. I would also avoid darker colours as ultimately you want to create a more light and open space. Another way you can give the illusion of a bigger room is by opting for a longer plank designs, or larger patterns. Don't be afraid of flooring patterns, if you're someone who likes more minimalistic decor, they can definitley work!

Mirrors & Windows
The biggest trick to making small spaces look bigger is by utilising natural light. Now the obvious ways to let more light in is through the use of windows. Don't worry if your windows are on the smaller side, just make sure you don't cover them with dark blinds and curtains. Another way to let light in is by adding mirrors to your space. The reflective surface gives the illusion of more windows and therefore more light entering the space.

Light Colour Palettes
As I previously mentioned before, try avoiding darker colour palettes. More neutral tones on the walls and floors will create a more airy and open space to decorate. That's not to say you can't use dark colours in your decor. Adding monochromatic decor pieces creates light and shadow. The key is truly to learn the balance between the two!

Mount It
Finally one of the best tips I can give you is to try and mount some of your furniture to the wall. Now obviously you can't mount things such as your sofa and coffee table to the wall. But instead of shelving units, why not add floating shelves to your walls for storage. And instead of floor lamps, as an alternative try installing wall lamps. This will clear up more floor space and make your room look a lot bigger than it is. 

Do you have any tips for making rooms look bigger?

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