10 September 2020

Selecting The Best Jewellery To Wear At Work

We all want to look our best when we go to work and for any occasion, but you will want to ensure you do not overdo it when it comes to your jewellery. When selecting the jewellery that you want to wear for your workplace, choose something understated and not too lavish. Below are some tips to help you select the best jewellery for going to work to help ensure you do not wear anything too outlandish and looks fantastic.

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Stick To The Rule Of Three
The rule of three is a simple tip to help ensure you do not go overboard with the jewellery you will wear at work. You will want to wear no more than three jewellery items, not including wedding and engagement rings. A pair of suitable sterling silver earrings UK jewellers have, a beautiful necklace, and a bracelet is one combination you can try. You can also mix and match whatever you have in your jewellery collection.

Ensure They Are Suitable For Your Workplace
You must wear suitable jewellery to your workplace, as it may be a potential hazard that can cause an accident. If you are using machinery, you will want to ensure you do not have anything dangling from your wrist or ears which can get caught up. Many places of work will have guidelines on the jewellery that you can wear, so you need to adhere to this. Even in an office environment, you do not want to wear anything too lavish. Choosing subtle and understated jewellery is often the best option.

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Select Neutral Colours
Ensure you choose neutral colours for your jewellery when going to work. Although you may love loud and vibrant jewellery colours, your place of work is not a suitable place to wear this type of jewellery. You can still show off your character by wearing unusual silver jewellery or something similar, but ensure it is not too loud and all the jewellery you wear matches.

Keep It Casual
You will also want to ensure that you wear casual jewellery when deciding what to wear to work. Walk into your office with a diamond-studded tiara, and your boss may think they are paying you too much, so leave the statement pieces for a special occasion. You will also want to ensure you do not wear oversized jewellery for work. This type is best left for a social engagement rather than going to work.

Keep The Noise Down
Some people love to adorn themselves with jewellery. When you wear a lot of it, you can find that it makes a lot of noise. You will want not to wear jewellery that will make a lot of noise, so you may want to consider leaving your stacking bracelets at home and refrain from wearing too many necklaces at the same time.

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Remember that you go to work to do a job. Although you want to look nice, it is not a fashion parade. Check with your employer what is appropriate or not for your workplace and stick to the guidelines they give you.

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