25 March 2021

3 Ways To Better Yourself This Year

Reflecting and finding new ways to not only improve our quality of life, but to improve ourselves. These don’t necessarily have to be big major life changes. In fact you’ll often find that the smallest tweaks have the most insignificant impact. Here are 3 ways to better yourself this year:

Find a new hobby

With so much spare time during Lockdown, a lot of us took up hobbies which we found a new passion for. Or like me, you fell back in love with old hobbies! Cycling was something me and my mum used to bond over when I was younger. We’d pack up the bikes, and drive off to find the best cycling routes to fill our Sunday afternoons. Then of course, life gets in the way and cycling took a back seat for me. Fast forward to 2020, and Lockdown hit. With limited options for exercising, my partner decided to take up cycling and from there we’ve found our passion for the hobby again! We’ve even planned trips for Summer this year to stay out in the countryside and spend a long weekend cycling around some of the most beautiful spots nature has to offer.

If cycling is something you decide to take up this year, it’s important that you get the right insurance. Cycling has become as popular as ever with more people cycling to work, and taking it up as a sport. Looking into your insurance options can be confusing as not every cyclist is the same, meaning they may require different things from their insurance. For example, some things you may need to consider when looking into insurance options is theft, damage, racing and travel cover. Laka is a bicycle insurance company that covers all your needs no matter what type of cyclist you are! They already have insured over 10,000 bikes and have a review score of 4.9/5. This collective based method, means some months you could pay nothing if nobody claims. In fact, nobody has actually paid the maximum price as of yet! By purchasing Laka Insurance, not only are you covered by all of the things mentioned above, but in the case of an accident/emergency they also reserve £200 to help you out with any emergency travel expenses such as taxis or trains. Laka are kindly offering one month free bicycle insurance if you use the code ‘TERRI’ when signing up!

Digital Detox

Something else I’ve been taking up this past year is taking time away from social media, and my phone. I often find the internet to be very overwhelming at times, and unfortunately it can take a toll on your mental health. Taking time out is really important to really be present in the now, and enjoy the small things in life that often pass us by. I usually choose to do this on weekends so I can spend quality time with my partner and family. I also find putting my phone on silent and away from me before getting into bed helps me sleep better, and prevents any unnecessary distractions.

Refresh Your Space

And finally whether you’re still living with your parents, or have your own home, it’s important to look after your personal space. Having a clean, and inviting space has many benefits such as improving productivity and regulating irregular sleeping patterns. Afterall, a cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind! Our environment has such a profound impact on our mental wellbeing that many people fail to realise. However, it’s not just about cleaning, but refreshing your space in general. Try and not see it as a chore, but instead something that cleanses and refreshes your room. Eventually, the sense of accomplishment will boost your mood and get you into a regular routine of doing so.

*This post is sponsored by Laka. #backedbylaka
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