09 May 2021

How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

I'm always looking for ways to spruce up my home, especially when the seasons change. I usually switch up my decor pieces to welcome the change of year. With Summer just around the corner, it was time I looked into how I was going to freshen up my spaces.

One of my favourite ways to do this, and honestly one of the most simple is to purchase some new wall art. Wall art and prints are a great way to change up your decor, and overall tone of your home without investing a lot of money into completely redesigning each room. If you're someone who's on a budget, I'd highly recommend taking a look at wall art pieces that can transform your spaces.

So I headed over to the Posterlounge website to see what pieces I'd like to display in my home. Thankfully my decor is already pretty neutral so switching up pieces isn't too much of a task for me. However my taste in decor has completely changed. I decided I wanted to create more of a minimalistic, high fashion vibe. But with the warm, summer tones running throughout the house.

The Hallway
The first pieces I picked up are for my hallway, which I totally fell in love with! As I said I want a high fashion vibe, so this Breakfast at Tiffany's print, and Thoughtful print were just what I had in mind - monochromatic and minimalistic! To add a little bit of warmth to the area, I also picked up the Sunset Kayaking Print which is the perfect colours and tones.

The great thing about Posterlounge is you can choose from a variety of sizes and finishes. So for example, I wanted the Kayak print to be slightly smaller than the rest to hang above a desk. I opted for the Premium Posters, but if you prefer there are other options to choose from, such as Canvas Print, Aluminium Print and Wood Print etc. And don't worry, they ship across Europe!

The Bedroom
Moving onto my bedroom now! This is the room that I wanted to add a bit more colour into, but still keeping with the minimal, fashion look of the rest of my home. The area above my bed is by far the barest wall, so I wanted to create a gallery wall to fill up the space! I decided to pick four prints that would compliment each other well, whist still being great stand out pieces on their own so that if I did ever want to move them, they'd work well in any room.

I wanted two monochromatic pieces, which ended up being the Touch print, and the Home print. I really love line drawings and Typography so these were a perfect spot! To go alongside these, and ultimately complete my gallery wall, I wanted two more prints with warm tones and summer vibes. The finishing touches ended up being this California Dreaming print (which might be my all time fave), and the Golden Grass print. I have a lot of Pampas Grass around my home, so thought this print would tie in perfectly with my decor.

For these four prints I decided I wanted to switch things up, and go for a lighter colour frame. Thankfully, you can also purchase matching frames with your Posterlounge order. So there's no need to worry about sizing! The frames come in four colours - Brown, Black, Natural and White (which is what I opted for). And I couldn't be happier with them, the quality is fantastic!

I'm so pleased with how I've transformed my space now. The prints have totally given my home a different feel, and allowed me to spruce up certain areas at an affordable price. It really couldn't have been easier!

 This is a sponsored post. Please seem my Disclaimer page for more info.

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