28 September 2021

My Thoughts on the Bali Body Deluxe Glow Kit

I'm the kind of girl you'll catch with that bronzed glow all year long. And it's all from a bottle! I've tried many fake tans over the years, but there's always been some products in the ranges I have loved, and some I've definitley not gotten on with. One brand I was yet to full delve into was Bali Body. If you're new to the brand, they have a fantastic range of Self Tan, Suncare and Skincare. 

This month I've been using products from the 'Bali Body Deluxe Glow Kit' which consists of five self tanning products: 

- Dark Self Tanning Mousse

- Face Tan Water

- Self Tan Remover

- Luxe Tanning Mitt

- Exfoliating Mitt

Not only does this bundle come in a fantastic compact envelope clutch which is perfect for travelling, it also saves you a lot of money in comparison to purchasing all the products individually. The Deluxe Glow Kit is priced at £69.95, which saves you £31.80! Now let's take a look at their products:

Dark Self Tanning Mousse

The hero product of this bundle has to be the Self Tanning Mousse. I tend to gravitate towards tanning mousses because I like to be able to see exactly the guide colour for where I'm applying the tan. The formula of this mousse is fantastic! It blends so easily meaning you're left with no patchy areas. The Luxe Tanning Mitt makes the whole application process effortless. The instructions are also really handy as it informs you of how long to leave on before showering depending on how deep you'd like the tan to look. After showering, I was left with a gorgeous bronzed glow. The tone of this self tan is great as it's not on the orange side so looks really natural and deep. I couldn't recommend this product more!

Face Tan Water

Using a regular tanning mousse on your face isn't recommended as it can often block your pores and break you out. This is where the Face Tan Water comes in handy! There are a couple of ways you can choose to use this product. First up, and the way I prefer is by applying a couple of drops directly to your face using either your hands or a cotton pad. Or if you'd like to build up a gradual tan, add a few drops to your daily moisturiser. Again this leaves you with a lovely natural looking tan to your face, and most importantly won't cling to any dry patches and applies very evenly. It's also enriched with anti-aging ingredients so provides some skincare benefits too!

Self Tan Remover

Once your tan is ready to be removed, it's important to use a Self Tan Remover. We all know how much of a pain it can be removing those stubborn patches. But excessive scrubbing can damage and irritate your skin. Using the Self Tan Remover will making the removal process 10x easier! Simply apply all over the body and leave to soak in for 5 minutes. Once completely soaked in, you can begin removing the tan with your exfoliating mitt and it will be removed so much more efficiently. I promise you, a self tan remover will change your life!

Have you tried Bali Body's Tanning range before?

  This post is a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own.

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