08 February 2022

The Bali Body Bronzing Serum That You Need To Try

With the start of a New Year, comes the start of a series of new product launches from our favourite brands. The latest beauty release that has caught my eye is from Bali Body. You've heard me talk about Bali Body for a while now, and there's a good reason for that! The quality and concepts of their products never fail to impress me, and are products I've gone on to continue to use time and time again. So, let's jump into their latest release and see if it lives up to expectations:

The Bali Body Bronzing Serum is the most recent launch from the brand, and I've been testing it out so I can share my thoughts, tips and tricks with you! But first let's get into what exactly is the Bronzing Serum. Well as the title suggests, it is a serum formula which hydrates, illuminates and bronzes the skin. The serum is formulated with key ingredients that are high in antioxidants which can reduce signs of aging! The great thing about this product is it's multi purpose use. Not only does this serum bronze and illuminate the skin, but it can also be used alongside your favourite skincare products, as it has hydrating, and anti aging properties. 

So, how exactly do we use this serum?
Well, it couldn't be easier! The choice is basically up to you. It is recommended you apply to a clean face, so once you've exfoliated/cleansed your face you're good to go. Now for a light tint to the face, simply add a few drops of the serum into your everyday moisturiser and mix together before applying to your face and blending. Or, if you'd prefer a darker complexion you can go on to apply the serum directly to your face instead. And of course, you don't have t just use this on your face! This serum can be applied directly to other areas as desired such as the neck and chest to illuminate and bronze, giving your skin a healthy, youthful glow!

Once again I am blown away by Bali Body's latest product release. I can see myself reaching for this a lot in the summer when I want that 'no makeup' look but still want a bit of a tint to my skin to achieve that bronzed dewy summer skin. 

You can purchase the Bali Body Bronzing Serum here - http://balibodyco.com/products/bronzing-serum

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