01 February 2022

Hello 2022

Okay so I'm a teeny bit late, but hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year. In 2021 I feel like my blog got a little bit neglected. Through all the lockdowns and uncertainty, I found myself feeling unmotivated and uninspired. Trying to be excited about anything when life was so up in the air was very difficult. Which made making content hard because if I'm honest I was bored of life. Instagram didn't suffer as much as my blog because let's be honest it's a lot easier to snap a quick outfit photo. But I certainly didn't create as much content as I wanted to. 

By the time July rolled around life started to pick up a bit with restrictions easing, and life finally feeling somewhat normal. And it got hectic reaaaal quick. I bought my first home, took my parents on a little UK break and then jetted off to Greece in October. And I was so caught up in the enjoyment of life again, I was pretty much quiet on the content front. So now here we are, in 2022. And I already feel like I've got a bit of my spark back. 

Jumper NA-KD // Skirt Boohoo // Bag Dior

So let's make this a positive post and talk about everything I'm excited for this year:

Taking Charge of my Mental Health
Like a lot of people, COVID took a toll on my mental health. There was a period of time where I was having panic attacks most nights. But I just got on with it. Since moving house, I've surprised myself with how well I've dealt with the stress, and the anxiety and panic attacks seem to phase themselves out. Then a couple of weeks I found myself in a stressful situation that triggered all those feelings again. Except this time, I rang my GP and asked for help. So I'm hoping this year I can feel in control of my mental health again. 

Putting myself first
One thing I am absolutely terrible for is saying yes to everything. I definitely burn the candle at both ends sometimes leaving me with very little energy to do the things I want to do. This year I want to take more time for myself, which can be hard when you factor in work and a social life. I want to wakeup everyday and do something that makes me happy. Not because I 'should' or because someone's asked me to, because I want to. Even if that is just going for a walk and grabbing a coffee.

Living Life
The past two years have felt like wasted opportunities for many of us. So this year I want my diary to be full! Holidays, date nights, garden parties, you name it I want to do it haha. On top of all of that I'm really excited to finally get cracking with my house redesign. Since moving in I've only really tackled the dressing room because I knew I would use it as somewhere to shoot content. But I have so many plans and ideas for the house and the gardens that I can't wait to bring to life this year.

What are you most excited for in 2022?

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