08 December 2021

Why Berkshire Is Worth The Wander

If you’re thinking of great travel spots in England, it’s all too easy to focus on the big and beautiful cities, whether it’s London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bath, or any of the other excellent city breaks that the nation has to offer. However, if you’re willing to ramble a little more, there are some counties that offer a ton to explore, and a few of them match the kind of sights that you can see in the Royal County of Berkshire. Here, we’ll look at some of the highlights.

See the best of the Thames
When you think of the Thames, like most people, you might immediately think of London, but there’s a lot more of it to see than at its very end. The Thames River Cruise can see you enjoying some of the finest countryside the nation has to offer, as well as a meal out, and some live entertainment to make your trip all the better.

Enjoy a day out at the horses
One of the quintessential British sports, which has been loved by many as a day-out for centuries, the Ascot Racecourse is one of the most famous venues in the whole country. Of course, there are no races no bigger than the Royal Ascot, and the week surrounding the day is very busy indeed, but there are races all throughout the year.

England’s second most famous palace
Aside from Buckingham, if you ask people to name a palace, then this is the one that they’re most likely going to name. Windsor Castle is a working royal residence, meaning that it’s not open to public visits without prior admission. As such, you have to remember to get tickets for Windsor Castle before arriving. But if you do, it’s definitely worth making the time for it, from Queen Mary’s Doll House to the State Apartments.

The other Windsor palace
Once you’ve got your fill of royal places and opulence, how about a day out at the other main attraction of Windsor? Legoland Windsor is, simply put, one of the very best theme parks and resorts in all of the country, if not the very best. It has rides, attractions, and shows over 150 acres of parkland, more than enough to fill up a whole day, so if you go, you might want to get a day ticket and commit to seeing and experiencing as much of it as you can.

A taste of the tropical
You might think that there’s not much in the way of exotic flora and fauna to be found in the placid plains of South East England, but that’s where you would be dead wrong. The Living Rainforest is a true, real rainforest that can be found in the Hampstead Norreys, bringing a whole host of animals and plants that you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere in the country with a focus on conservation.

There’s a lot more to Berkshire than could be named here, of course. We’ve only just scratched the surface, but hopefully, you’ve gotten a taste of just why the South East of England is so beloved for road trips.
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