29 March 2023

5 Best Alternative Activities to Try in the Mountains Other Than Skiing

Is there anything more relaxing than taking an extended vacation in the mountains away from the maddening crowd of the big city. Complete with stunning views, fresh air, an unforgettable atmosphere, and fully stacked, catered ski chalets to attend to all your needs; what more could a person ever ask for?

And while the majority of holidaymakers heading to the mountains are there to tackle the slopes, most ski-resorts actually offer a range of alternative activities to try out besides skiing. . Meaning that whether you plan to remain snug as a bug while taking advantage of the resorts’ luxurious amenities or to test your mettle against nature, everything you need is right on your doorstep.

With this in mind I’ve rounded up five of the best activities you can try at most ski resorts other than skiing, for new experiences worth bragging about once you are back home.
Hot Springs/Sauna
There's nothing more relaxing than soaking up in a hot spring or sauna after a long day out in the snow. If you are lucky, some resorts may have a natural hot spring nearby; meaning there is no reason why you should ever miss out on that! If not, they will have a sauna where you can ease up while providing a good view of the mountains.

As the name suggests, you wear specially built shoes to walk more conveniently over the snow. Once you strap a pair on, you can head out on a guided tour of the surrounding area to observe the local fauna and flora more closely. It's a great way to get out if you are not into skiing but want to get some exercise and some great views of the mountains.

Ice Skating
Granted this may not be one for everyone, given the number of times some of us may fall over before barely being able to stand straight and walk. However, why not challenge yourself to give ice skating a go or alternatively watch on as your loved ones try it out?

One of the most thrilling and fun ways to explore the mountains, this activity should be on everyone's to-do list. Most ski resorts have this facility; you can cover a wider area and experience the wilderness more closely. Just be sure to take a guide and follow their instructions closely.
Dog Sledding
If you love dogs, here's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get on a sledge pulled by these furry, friendly, and tough-as-nails dogs that will tow you through the snow across the wilderness. Somewhat similar to snowmobiling except you have the added bonus of spending the day in the company of these lovely dogs. Make sure to take a lot of selfies and maybe a treat or two for them!

There's often so much more to do at a ski resort than just skiing and everything you do there is truly an unforgettable experience! So here's my advice, book that vacation you need and start planning what you want to do once you get there. Happy Vacay!

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