21 October 2022

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Krakow, Poland.

If you're after a last minute city break somewhere this year, it's worth checking out Krakow. With flights from the UK for as little as £15 it's a no brainer! 
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Things To Do

Krakow is a beautiful city with so much to offer! It's the kind of city where you'll find lots of hidden gems just by wandering around and exploring. For example, the Main Square in Krakow's Old Town i where the hustle and bustle is. Surrounded by lots of cafes, restaurants, shops and museums, you can spend a lot of your time here. 


 - Amber Museum

TOP TIP - Consider purchasing the Krakow City Pass
which gives you access to 40 museums and attractions in Krakow. 
Theres even an option add on unlimited transportation around Krakow.

Horse and Cart Rides in Krakow Old Town Square

Wieliczka Salt Mine
The Wieliczka Salt Mine emerged as the top recommendation from friends and family, and rightfully so. As a historic monument and UNESCO World Heritage site, this mine operated as a table salt producer until 2007, ranking among the world's oldest active salt mines. With a remarkable depth of 327 meters, brace yourself for a descent down a staggering 800 stairs—fortunately, a lift is available for a smooth ascent back to the surface. Delve into the mines to witness four awe-inspiring chapels adorned with numerous sculptures meticulously carved from rock salt. Explore the depths of history and artistry in this captivating underground wonder.

Wawel Royal Castle // River Vistula
One of the most enchanting discoveries during our exploration was the Wawel Royal Castle, and it quickly became a personal favorite, thanks to its exquisite Italian-style courtyard. As one of Poland's largest castles, the Wawel Royal Castle holds a significant place in history as the final resting place of Polish Kings from the 16th to the 17th century. Situated alongside the Vistula River, the castle offers a picturesque winter stroll with the added charm of the Avenue of Stars, Krakow's own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Along the riverside, encounter the legendary Wawel Dragon sculpture, a captivating representation of a Polish folklore character that once plagued the city. The highlight? The Wawel Dragon statue breathes actual fire, adding a touch of magic to this historical marvel. Explore the regal beauty and mythical allure of the Wawel Royal Castle during your Krakow visit.

The gardens of Wawel Royal Castle Krakow

Auschwitz - Birkenau
While it's difficult to label this as a 'must-see' attraction due to its haunting historical significance, I felt a profound obligation to include it in my Krakow itinerary. Although the site is open for free visits during specific hours, my parter and I chose to invest in a guided tour for a comprehensive understanding of the camps' history. I highly recommend securing your spot in advance, regardless of whether you opt for a guided tour, as spaces fill up rapidly, attracting visitors from all corners of the globe.

Entrance and train tracks of Auschwitz Birkenau Krakow Poland


- Main Square
- Lost Souls Escape Room
- Cloth Hall Market

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Where to Stay & Eat

I'm going to make this brief as I'll be doing a full hotel review in a separate blog post, but we stayed at the Hotel M29 which was perfect! Our hotel was located in the Jewish Quarter, and was a perfect spot for exploring as it was surrounding by cafes and restaurants, and even had a shot bar next door! It was also just a short walk to the Main Square in the Old Town and was really easy to navigate to and from. 

Lobby of Hotel M29 Krakow

When it comes to dining options, Krakow offers a myriad of choices for every palate. Particularly in bustling areas like the Main Square, the culinary scene thrives with an abundance of cafes, restaurants, and bars encircling the square. The Main Square's enchanting ambiance, especially in the evening when it is beautifully illuminated, provides a romantic backdrop for outdoor seating at most restaurants. Krakow stands out for its delectable street food and pocket-friendly drinks, satisfying every foodie's cravings. Wander through the city, and you'll encounter numerous stalls and vendors showcasing local delights such as Zapiekanka and Giant Polish Pretzels. Undoubtedly, Krakow ranks among the top destinations for food enthusiasts, with a diverse array of eateries on every corner, offering an opportunity to savor different cuisines each day.

Travel & Expenses

Finally let's talk about the expenses. Poland is a fantastic place to visit on a budget as everything is so affordable. 
The currency used in Poland is the Polish Zloty. Here's a quick breakdown of the average prices (in GBP) in Krakow:

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